Energy Healing & Intuitive Reiki-Informed Teacher

“You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye.”
-Brandi Carlile

My name is Tekla (she/hers), and I am grateful for the opportunity to support you through community, by offering Circles of Support and the 10-month program, Be Rooted in Your Truest Self, through practice and energy awareness, and one-on-one support with Intuitive Reiki. My healing journey has been over a decade, and I am now bringing the practices and energy tools together that have served me through my transformative journey, and sharing them you.

Please join me for my free class, Life Is Energy and Life is Practice  which I offer monthly at 9am MT on a Sunday morning. Be in a circle of support and experience how I hold classes and circles, whether you are new to my work, have already taken a class with me or have worked with me one-on-one, I invite you to join this hour-long circle. It is an opportunity to learn about what I offer and how I offer the practices that have served me, including how I connect to and teach Reiki and connecting to your intuition, and teach skills and hold space for you to connect with your truest self. This class is a circle of brief sharing, guided meditation, and an overview of powerful energetic tools to support you if you are called to learn more and if the title resonates with you.

I love to meet and connect on the phone, so please, if you are in alignment with my work, please schedule a free 30-minute phone call. Another great way to connect is to subscribe to my newsletter. I am not on social media anymore, so my newsletter is the best way to receive bits of helpful information and resources I love, as well as when I am offering free classes and other events.

I deeply believe in the power of gathering in circles and having community for healing, and I practice and teach Reiki, the Japanese energy healing tradition, as it is a beautiful and simple modality that anyone can learn, to bring people together to release and heal, and connect more deeply with intuition and truest self.

You may be called to work with me if you…

  • Are aware that you are sensitive to other people’s mood and energy.
  • Often think about how other people are before yourself.
  • May consider yourself an empathetic person and you feel the emotions of others and even the collective (eg- ecoanxiety- feeling the sadness/anxiety for Mother Earth).
  • Feel the connection to mother earth and the seasons- you may notice your own energy and mood shift with the moon and the seasons.
  • Tend to be a care-giver, people ask you for advice, you are a good listener, and it can be easy to take on the burden of others.
  • May be feeling disconnected to your mind/body/spirit connection.
  • Have self-care practices like meditation, yoga, exercise, getting outside, but they tend to be inconsistent or you feel you need a re-start.
  • Tend to worry, have some anxiety, think a lot about the future, and find it challenging to be present.
  • Know you are ready to heal, re-start, or continue your healing journey, yet may feel a bit stuck, for a variety of reasons.
  • Are aware of family/generational patterns that don’t serve, and you want to discontinue these patterns.
  • Have been in/done therapy, self-help work and other healing modalities, and are called to Reiki and energy work, and you intuitively know that this work will serve.
  • Are looking for accountability and ongoing support, with the desire to connect with your own intuition and you are ready to take the next step.

Schedule a free phone call with me, subscribe to my newsletter, register for the next Life is Energy and Life is Practice class… let’s connect.

“There is a certain relaxed state I get to from Reiki that I have not felt before, while also simultaneously feeling like I had a successful, mind clearing session with a counselor. I always feel lighter, as Tekla helps me to get rid of the baggage that is weighing me down. Sometimes it’s my own and other times it’s from those around me that I have taken on. I am so grateful to have met Tekla and Reiki, it has become an important part of my life and well-being, helping with anxiety and depression.”


“I signed up to take Tekla’s Reiki 1 class without knowing anything about her or about Reiki. I was just following an intuitive hit that told me this is the thing to do now. And I am so glad I did! I have taken many classes with Tekla since then. My journey with Reiki has been gentle yet profound. The more I work with Reiki, the more potent the energetic shifts become. Reiki is now a daily practice for me and I am a better person for it. Tekla is a kind soul with great passion for what she does, and a gifted healer.”


“After my sessions with Tekla, I feel like a better version of myself. I feel lighter & more present. She has shared with me various techniques that are helping me to become a better parent, a better partner & a better friend. I attended her class, An Energetic Perspective on Addiction. The perspective I gained on my own addictive behavior and that of my loved ones has been life-altering. Tekla was able to share some powerful insights into these relationships in a very personal, meaningful way. With every session with Tekla, my life is unfolding in a more honest and beautiful way. I would like to encourage anyone that is considering a class or session with Tekla to go for it, there is everything to gain.”


“Tekla holds space in a non-judgmental and caring way, accepting one’s authentic self as they are in any given moment. During our distance intuitive Reiki healing sessions, I am able to reach a place of stillness and calm, similarly to during meditation. She facilitates this using Reiki and other healing tools such as visualizations. She is able to offer thoughtful, intuitive insights into challenges I had been experiencing. The information she provided allowed me to approach life challenges in a new way and see them from a different perspective. I felt less “stuck” with certain problems, and feel that working with Tekla allowed energy to move and release. After working with her, I gained clarity and felt more grounded. I definitely recommend working with her!”


“Tekla’s ability to be present and intuitive is unparalleled. Though I was a bit skeptical, I felt compelled to seek distance intuitive Reiki with Tekla during a period of tumultuous transition. I was at a crossroads – my health was affected – my spirit was wavering – I didn’t recognize the mother I had become – I was seeking inner peace amidst what felt like turmoil, within myself and within several relationships – Tekla supported me to move energy and emotional blocks that were not solely mine and that no longer served. What I experienced in Tekla’s presence was nothing short of a remarkable miracle – my entire life has shifted – for myself, my children, the greater good and for the seven generations.”


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

You can and you will dance in the eye of the hurricane of life.