Create a life aligned with your truest self.

Create A Life Aligned With
Your Truest Self

Be Rooted. A brave space where we explore the power of Reiki energy healing, the mind-body connection, boundaries and the power of healing in community. Explore the power of language and practice, and the possibilities of healing trauma through Reiki and mindfulness practices. Discover the magic of connecting with natural cycles of the earth, and how it helps to be rooted in your truest self.


Plant the seed.

Plant the seed.

Feeling disconnected from your mind/body/spirit connection?

Struggling with inconsistency in your self-care practices?

Finding it challenging to be present in the moment?

Ready to heal and grow, ready to break free from generational patterns that no longer serve?

Maybe you’re looking for a Reiki Practitioner & Teacher but don’t know where to start.

You’ve come to the right place

You’ve come to the right place ❤

Begin a practice that brings you to the calm center of life you’ve been seeking. Whether you are embarking on a new spiritual journey, enduring a big life transition or seeking meaningful healing, the guiding principles of Reiki will give you the framework you need to move with confidence and support through your next chapter.

1:1 Reiki Session Options

Rooted in Community

Rooted in Community

Share your experiences and learn from one another, while breathing, listening, feeling, and being with your emotions with awareness of your energetic body- however they show up.

Connection is central to our human experience. The feeling that we are part of something bigger can help give meaning to our lives and remind us we are not alone.

While it’s easy to retreat into solitude, especially when you’re accustomed to caring for others, community offers a space for you to be seen and supported. Embracing community doesn’t diminish your strength; it amplifies it. When you engage with others who share your journey, you build a network of understanding and resilience. Remember, community is not just for those who need help but also for those who give it. It’s a place to recharge, find inspiration, and grow together.

Get inspired

Get Inspired

Whether you are new to Be Rooted or you have been involved for years, continue to root through these offerings. Maintain the lessons you learn throughout your journey and continue to learn while transforming!


Immerse yourself in the Be Rooted Podcast. We’ll explore personal growth, empowerment, and success stories, nurturing your journey to live authentically and thrive.


Dive into our Reiki Blog for insights, techniques, and stories that illuminate the transformative power of energy healing, guiding you towards holistic wellness and spiritual growth.

21 Day RRR

21 Day Restful Reiki Renewal Starting August 4, 2024
21 days of guided self-Reiki meditations led by different teachers with all donations given to the Revolutionary Love Project.

Let’s talk

Making the first step can be intimidating. Please explore the website and the Be Rooted Podcast to get to now Tekla. Please schedule a phone call to chat and see what program best fits your needs, life stage and intentions.