How Can Learning Reiki with Energetic Boundaries Help the Empath?

Reiki attunement opens us to our deep intuition and energetic awareness, which can be powerful. While usually positive, these shifts in awareness can feel unfamiliar or unsettling for some people, especially the empath, a person who is sensitive to other peoples’ energy. When I teach Reiki, I spend a lot of time focusing on setting energetic boundaries and teach simple tools for this beyond Reiki. For people who plan to share Reiki with others after learning Reiki 2, it’s important to have a collection of effective tools to support and set energetic boundaries. In all of my teaching, and all of my one-on-one Reiki sessions, I include the importance of using Reiki for energetic boundaries as well as other simple visualizations and practices to set boundaries.

Energetic sensitive people or “empaths” can be overwhelmed after learning Reiki without these tools

For example, when I first started teaching Reiki, before I knew of these other techniques and tools, I had a student who was already very energetically sensitive and Reiki opened her even more. She felt unable to ground her own energy. Another person, upon learning Reiki, would see and feel things that led her to feel out of control. I’ve met a handful of people who, after learning Reiki, didn’t practice it because it opened them so much to their intuitive knowing and energy awareness that they just shut it down. I am so grateful to be able to include and teach the grounding tools that I now offer in my classes, as they give people the power to hold a secure energetic boundary thus allowing them to witness what arose and still feel safe to continue to use Reiki and grow as a practitioner.

These tools are simple, valuable and important when learning Reiki

Since moving to Colorado in 2015, not only have I been learning more tools for my own toolbox as practitioner but also, now I incorporate these tools with Reiki clients and students in order to set and hold energetic boundaries. I am a graduate of the Intuitive Development and Self-healing program, with Stacia Synnestvedt at Wooversity and I completed the graduate program in April 2018 and use these tools with and teach them to all of my students and clients.

The one-day workshop I teach, Set Boundaries with Compassion and Love, dives into these tools, and this class is included in all of my Reiki Packages.  Using these simple tools, practitioners can ground themselves in their own space and not transfer energy between client and self. Practitioners can also use these grounding tools to set the space in a room in order to maintain a safe space for both practitioner and client.

Grounding exercises are simple, yet very helpful tools, which can be used as a daily practice and not only in the treatment room. The tools for grounding that I teach can be useful for setting energetic boundaries between you and your spouse or child, or in a room full of people in a class, these tools go hand-in-hand with Reiki for healing, energy awareness and presence.

Now, I bring these tools into my Reiki classes and share them with private clients as part of a Reiki session. In my classes, we practice using these tools and I teach them as part of learning Reiki, which leaves my students feeling empowered and able to set their energetic boundaries with others.