There seems to be a sense of deep unrest and chaos in our country and world, confusion and a desire to get more involved to make change in the world. The world can feel crazy, and yes, we need to feel our feelings, yet we don’t need to lose our shit. We can stay grounded during this time, and during this time,  self care matters so much. Reiki is one of the easiest self-care tools I have ever learned, and is why I am so happy to share it with others.

The night of the last presidential election, when I woke up at 2:30am, saw the results and started shaking and feeling like I was going to throw up, I put myself back to sleep with Reiki. I was able to calm my nerves and thoughts and get the important sleep I needed to be able to serve my clients, moms and babies, the next morning.  Now is a great time to get attuned to Reiki for the sake of your own wellness, your family’s wellness, and our country’s wellness. The more we can be well, grounded, and clear-thinking, the better we can proactively take effective action during these times of unrest.

I have lived through some very challenging times personally, and I made the choice to grow, learn new ways of looking at life, wellness, and energy, which all led me to new friends and community and movement toward wholeness academically and spiritually. It continues to be a journey of daily practice, learning new tools and sharing them with others, and I am passionate about sharing and teaching these classes with others because my health and wellness was so transformed using Reiki.  Please check out my Reiki classes and join me for a class.