After over four years of leading 5 Element Women’s Circles, I started co-leading monthly Reiki Circles (Reiki Shares) in March 2017. The power of meeting in a circle is amazing – each time, I see again how we are all connected to each other, to the earth, to the the cycles of the seasons. After any of these circles, I feel lighter and in awe. I notice a sense of release and recharge. I see how much power comes from being in a grounded, spiritual, non-judgmental place where we share, support, and are supported by one another.

I know that joining a circle or a group can be intimidating, since it is unknown as to what exactly you are getting yourself into and how “woo” or grounded the group is. I would say that I am “woo”,  a word my friend, teacher and colleague, Stacia often uses  to describe how energy and intuitive work is perceived by people not familiar with or practiced in it. I bring this up because the unknown of how “woo” a new group that one is not familiar with is may create hesitation. This was me when I first moved to Colorado. I learned about the Goddess Reiki Share led by Meg Sessions through a website, and I watched the website for months wondering exactly how “woo” this group was. As I reflect now, I realize I was also wondering how grounded the group was. I had attended a few weekend retreats and groups that were extremely “woo” and not energetically rooted, which left me drained and less grounded in my body.

I am glad that I finally went to Meg’s Reiki Circle (in fact, I wish that I had gone months earlier). Meg inspired the format of the monthly Reiki share I now host. The Reiki share is co-ed and it entails a circle element – we gather in a circle, share, set intentions, ground energy, and practice Reiki together. I am a former science teacher transformed into an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, so beginners with questions are a natural fit for my skill set and ways of teaching. I guide participants through grounding techniques and answer questions about sharing Reiki with others. I say that I bring a balance of “woo” and grounded authenticity.

The power of meeting on a monthly basis and building community through Reiki shares is a wonderful tool for self-care.  Our circle provides a way for each practitioner to not only raise their own energy vibration, but also set intention and release what no longer serves. My vision for holding this group is to give my Reiki students a place to practice Reiki, and also to invite other people attuned to Reiki, from beginners to Master Teachers, to come together to practice and share Reiki. Please join us, the first Thursday of each month. Check here for the schedule, location, and pre-registration instructions.