I am meditating before dawn and pulling cards at my altar, it is the morning of my first video conference call for clients.

As I pull the card “Pillar of Light” from Alana Fairchild’s Isis deck, I smile because the meditation for this card is the one I planned to read during my call later that day. I read, “As you grow, you will feel the light descending and the energy ascending more and more strongly in your physical body.” Just then, the light of the lamp next to me goes out, and the candles continue to burn. I look up at flickering shadows on the wall, and notice the 3 inch Kuan Yin statue is catching the light of the candle just right to create a giant shadow of Kuan Yin on the wall. I snap a picture with my phone and the candlelight changes. The shadow disappears.

Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, was in the house! In this moment, I release the nervousness I have around the first call, seeing that I designed it as a way to help clients stay compassionate with themselves and their healing process. And that I must hold the same compassion for myself in the creation process. The call is successful, I stay grounded, and the timing is perfect! I am in the flow and trusting the process.

One of the many benefits you may find in working with me is an increased sense of something bigger than us, a noticing of synchronicities, and the ability to listen to them. It creates space for effective letting go, trust in a higher truth, and listening to your own inner voice. Maybe you’ll even start to believe in magic a little more too. <3