Can’t go to your acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, rolfing or body work appointment? Hesitant to shift from in-person Reiki to distance?

I am here to support you with Distance Reiki to support your energetic system during this pandemic. Distance Intuitive Reiki sessions are awesome, powerful, and are helpful for your well-being, your nervous system, your mind/body/spirit, your energy, your chakras, and your physical body. I’ve been practicing primarily from my office in Lafayette, and have a handful of distance clients, as well as clients locally who have had distance sessions with me. With the Coronavirus and the attempts to flatten the curve, I am now only seeing people over the phone (distance).

Here are a few recent testimonials of Distance Reiki Experiences:

From Lucinda, who has been seeing me regularly for over 6 months, and each session leaves with pain released from her physical body, more grounded energy, release around past family energy, clarity and an overall sense of refresh, just had her first distance session with me (due to social ~physical~ distancing):

For those of you who might be hesitant, I am here to tell you that distance Reiki works. Consider that Reiki is energy work and Tekla focuses on moving energy. Energy is not constrained by walls or distance or boundaries. My distance session did not feel any different than my in-person sessions. I appreciate the work that Tekla does and would recommend her unconditionally.

From Amanda, who lives in New Hampshire, who I’ve been working with consistently for over a year- her story is inspiring and incredible- and I will save her transformational story for another blog, but when I asked her to write about receiving distance Reiki, she started her testimonial with this, which I just LOVE:

I’m trying to get my doctor to agree that Reiki is mental health work, so I can use my HSA to pay for it. But regardless Reiki is so essential. I know this corona thing is going to impact your business, I really hope people embrace distance Reiki!!! 

I will share more from Amanda, as we’ve worked many sessions together and she has embraced each session and has followed up with her own meditation and daily practices- she is an inspiration and deserves her own blog (many of my clients are that way actually!)

And to close, from a client in Maryland, when I asked her for a distance Reiki testimonial wrote this:

I have been receiving biweekly Distance Reiki from Tekla since October 2019, and they have offered healing, solace and comfort to me on a number of levels. I have experienced physical relief from migraines and emotional relief from prior trauma, in conjunction with my therapy work. I have felt more peace as I experience daily life with 2 teenage daughters. I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone, especially in these anxiety-filled and unpredictable times with COVID-19 and social distancing.

Distance Reiki works, and is helpful now more than ever!

I look forward to continuing sharing Intuitive Reiki healing with current clients and new clients during this time of unknowing and unrest, to bring calm and grounding to the individual and beyond.