I, Tekla Cook Ayers, promise for the sake of all beings, wherever I am, no matter what, life will show as all-inclusive compassionate connection.

My promise came to life when I wrote it ten years ago in graduate school and this continues to be my promise to life. It is absolutely what I naturally live by- to want to include everyone, and connect everyone with compassion. I think it is why with this pandemic, the day social distancing happened, I naturally wanted to offer a circle to gather, to check in, and share, so people stay connected. I got a weekly meeting on the calendar the Tuesday after the Thursday school stopped for my daughter.

We’re going into our 8th week of this Tuesday night circle To Connect While Distancing. Eight Weeks. I can’t believe it. Time is such a mind f$%^& right now, I can’t believe it has been 2 months since my daughter stopped going to school and I stopped seeing clients in person, and we all stopped gathering in groups. Can you believe it?

I love connecting people in circles. I taught a fabulous prenatal yoga class which was a circling of women, I led women’s circles with friends in Maryland when I was a new mom, I led women’s circles here in Colorado after moving here, and I led a new mom’s group for three years when I was a postpartum doula. I continue to lead a monthly Reiki Share, which has been going for three years now (which for this month will be added onto the Saturday Meditation with Reiki). I have taught Reiki weekends regularly for the past 4 years (on hold now with social distancing and it is breaking my heart) as well as lead Celtic Ceremony Circles with Gretchen Pangilinan (together we are Circling Together) just a month before the pandemic started. We have now hosted two Zoom Circles, and they have been A.Mazing.

I have been pleasantly surprised that the virtual, zoom circles have been a wonderful way to connect, to be heard, to listen to others, to be inspired by the strength of others, and reminded of ways to help get through this time. We have been able to have ceremony, dive deep into meditation, and feel deep connection. The power of a circle is something else, even distance. I think what is important about our circles is that we always take time to meditate (sometimes most of the time!) and we give everyone the space to share. Everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

Gathering in circles has been a huge part of my own healing journey, paired with individual energy and body work. What I know is that connection is essential to our healing process, as we are humans, and we may not always show up to a circle feeling our best, feeling like we can show up for others. I get that! Sometimes we need to be alone. But I have also had so many people join my circles after saying they didn’t want to go, and then 95% of the time they are grateful they show up, to feel the healing powers of being in circle. This combination of connection, self-reflection, and healing is essential to deep healing and transformation work.

I have now listened to two podcasts that interview Vivek Murthy, the author of Together: The Healing Power of Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World. While listening this morning on my walk with my dog Janie, I was assured by the conversation. We don’t need to be “fixed” or “all better” to show up in a circle or for each other. In fact, that human connection is incredibly important to healing and wellness. He states in his book and in the podcasts I’ve listened to, that depression, addiction, so many mental and health issues are caused by LONELINESS.

I am offering and will continue to offer opportunities to connect with others in circle. For now they are all virtual on Zoom, and as soon as it is safe, I will continue to offer in-person circles of healing, connection, ceremony, celebration and Reiki. For now, join me on Zoom! And please remember the importance of your own, individual, reflective letting go and healing, which comes with working with me through Intuitive Reiki- DISTANCE.