I’m here to check in on this Autumn Equinox, a time of letting go while allowing and recognizing awe. We are moving into the longer nights and shorter days, and it is a time of reflection, grief, and inspiration as well. Last year I was in Ireland, where I was inspired and re-inspired by Mother Earth, Reiki energy, community, and the magic of my Celtic heritage and the island of Ireland. How much has changed in a year- it feels like a dream and I’ve done a lot of creating, dreaming, creating, and then letting go of a lot of the dreaming and creating (for now) because of the pandemic.

I have not been in sync with the seasons as I usually am and I think a lot of people have felt this during the past 6 months, due to COVID and shut down starting in the height of spring and summer. Usually, this is a time when growth and being outside, celebrating, creating, and feeling joy that summer energy brings. We were forced to be in more of a time of fall and winter, letting go, a lot of unknown and constant change, being quiet and going inward (many feeling isolated and scared).

I totally did this letting go, contemplating and changing more than usually desired, though was necessary. Though I still got in a lot of hikes and camping and Mother Nature time in, there was a definite slowing down in the height of summer, especially from a business standpoint of being in communication and marketing. In early July, I non-intentionally took a long hiatus from spending time on social media (Facebook and Instagram for me). During this time, I was able to get clear on things I have to let go of, change, re-create and start new, and on this equinox, I would love to share the changes with you. I’m still not back on social media and not sure how to return, so I’m focusing on communicating through a Mailchimp Newsletter every couple weeks, and an updated website with new videos and class offerings, and of course one-on-one intuitive Reiki sessions, distance or in person.

Please continue reading and check out my updated website blog, including thoughtful and humbling testimonials from clients, ranging from those I’ve had the honor of working with for over 2 years to brand-new clients I have only met on the phone for our distance sessions during the pandemic. The testimonials are beautiful and really speak to the power of energetic healing, letting go, and stepping into one’s own truth.