A lot of really hard (challenging, heartbreaking, unbelievable, shitty) things are happening all around us right now. I know especially for parents of young children, trying to figure out online school is a major challenge- how we navigate this for and with our children is a huge challenge and it can cause a lot of triggers to rise to the surface! We are living in a pandemic, Mother Earth is burning, racial injustice continues, planetary shifts are happening, I won’t even go there with the state of politics, but wow… In my world, big shifts are happening around me, people are having freak accidents with broken bones and brain injuries, bottoms have been hit and relapses have happened with addiction, jobs are being lost or cut back because- um, no school for the kids to go to (in many cases). 

I have been observing deep healing happening during this time. I continue to be in awe of the healing and transformation that can happen and does happen when people choose to take the leap, take the dive into their own healing on an energetic level, and commit to their own healing through consistent work, and connection with others (even on zoom). I have seen huge shifts in people dealing with grief and getting clear on family and past patterns that they are ready to heal. Watching people step into their power and their healing is always inspiring to me.

What I have found to be profoundly important and helpful in staying grounded and surviving during these times include things that have been helping me, and I am now offering these tools as circles and classes coming up this fall. Please continue reading for details about consistent energy clearing, downloadable daily meditations, meditation circles with Reiki, weekly circles of support, and online circle of support around the topic of setting boundaries with compassion and love. Coming soon: Reiki Share Hikes, which my friend Maren and I will be hosting together (we are already hiking and Reiki buddies, so why not combine the two and invite the community?) 

Grounding and Wellness During Pandemic 2020- Tools that Work-

  1. Consistent energy clearing and re-charging, re-setting, and giving ourselves a fresh start daily, weekly, sometimes hourly, as each day is different. Scheduling Reiki sessions ahead of time so they are on the calendar is the most powerful way to be consistent with Reiki sessions. Time is a very interesting phenomenon lately and if we don’t schedule our self-care and energy work ahead, time gets away and suddenly it has been a month or more. 
  2. Consistent and daily meditation and self-Reiki. I recently recorded and shared a meditation I recorded for my clients, and am always happy to share my favorite meditation guides and teachers with you. 
  3. Dedicated weekly guided meditation with Reiki in circle. Gretchen and I are offering a 30-minute meditation with Reiki offered with Circling Together (us). Please join us on Wednesdays at 4:30-5 pm MT. $12/month subscription- join anytime, cancel anytime. It is a lovely way to spend 30 minutes in circle and meditation on a Wednesday afternoon/early evening! Join us- commit to your meditation (and Reiki) practice with us. 
  4. Circling for support- I am part of different circles with my teachers and friends and I find such incredible support being in a circle of support and community. I offer a Tuesday Night Circle of Support which is subscription-based and supports self-care through meditation and sharing about codependency themes around the family patterns that are rooted in addiction & codependency. I am in awe of the wisdom that comes from this circle of women each week. Contact me if you are interested in joining.
  5. Getting out and connecting with Mother Nature. I’ve made it a priority to take my daughter to the creek on Fridays between clients. Hiking and spending time in nature, even for short walks or to eat a meal in nature is grounding and clearing. Coming soon- Reiki Share Hikes- social distancing, hiking, and sharing Reiki in community. I can’t wait! 
  6. Limiting or saying NO to social media consumption- it has served me well. In case you’ve wondered where I’ve been. 🙂 

This 2020 Pandemic is a shit show at times, and I don’t see the world/pandemic/life getting a whole lot easier as the days grow longer and cold and flu season is upon us. Even more, a reason to be aware of your own energy, your grounding practices. Keep your energy flowing and keep that immune system strong! I’m here to support you! Remember if you haven’t had a one-on-one session in a while, it is never too late to push that restart button. Reiki is great support for this.