Join our weekly meditation circle- each Wednesday from 4:30-5:00pm Mountain Time. This is an opportunity to find stillness right in the middle of the week, to be in circle with others practicing meditation and Reiki. It is a time to tune into your breath and your body, releasing tension and what is not serving.

This opportunity to reset and re-charge in community is offered by Gretchen Pangilinan and I (Circling Together). Whether you are new to meditation or Reiki, or you already have a deep practice of meditation on your own, this is a weekly time to come together in a circle, with intention of letting go and re-charging- mid-week, in community.

Please join us- our intention is that it will be at least one solid meditation practice for you each week, and encourage you to continue your own meditation practice on your own. Gretchen and I also both hold a high value in the power of gathering in a circle, even on Zoom. And if you are burned out on Zoom, don’t worry- we do a very brief check-in and then you can turn off your camera and microphone, play your own music, lay down and listen to the meditation! Please read more and register here.