For most of us who have had the opportunity to be in a supportive community on Zoom, we have been able to let go of the story that we cannot create and have community on Zoom. During this pandemic, everything has moved to Zoom, or has been canceled. In the beginning of the pandemic, I did host a couple Reiki shares on zoom and they were awesome, of course, and I didn’t keep them going. Ten months later, I am really missing holding the space and the opportunity for people to come together and circle in community to practice and share Reiki with each other and beyond, and I feel that enough of us have now experienced community on Zoom- and if not, please join us- it is pretty great.

I am re-starting our Reiki Community on Zoom, and will be hosting the circles close to each full moon of the month. The first one is Thursday, January 28, and I hope to re-unite many of our Reiki share community, as well as welcome new people who may not have been able to join when they were in person. I think that, gathering in community with Reiki, is extremely important. As the daylight gets longer and the light returns, though we still have a few months of winter in a pandemic, we can get through it with the support of each other and community.

Why do I know that community on Zoom works? Though I resisted it, I did start hosting weekly circle on Tuesday nights in March when the pandemic began, and it is now a full community and circle of women who come together to BE together, to listen and be heard, as I guide meditations and read inspirational readings from authors like Melody Beattie, as we focus on self-care and healing codependent family patterns and energy in ourselves. It has been beautiful to hold space for and watch this community grow!

Gretchen and I (Circling Together) started hosting a weekly guided meditation with Reiki, and the community we have been growing is also supportive and beautiful. You can join us anytime, give it a try before you decide to stay. When you do decide to stay it is easy to set up your $12/month subscription.

I’ve also been a student in Zoom communities quite often throughout the past 9 months and have had a variety of classes with wonderful teachers and mentors, from a small monthly circle, to a larger circle of over 30, that will meet for the year. A most powerful and educational class of self-reflection that I highly recommend, was called Uprooted with Building Bridges Denver. Earlier in the pandemic, I took their one-time introductory class, Groundwork, which they offer for both White Identifying and BIPOC. Such important work that we all, especially white women, need to be doing if we are going to see change in this country. Please check out this organization and their classes (some of you know Maren from our Reiki community- she taught the classes I took and she is a phenomenal guide and teacher).

All this said, I have experienced community on Zoom, as a guide and teacher and as a student and participant, and I have to say, we all have to let go of the story that it isn’t possible… or even that we can’t do it because we spend our days on Zoom for work. It is a different way of living, yet we can continue connecting on a deeper level of sharing and healing together. And yes, we CAN share Reiki on Zoom! I have had small shares as follow-ups to my recent Reiki classes and, well…. most of my clients are distance clients right now. It is all energy! ūüôā Reiki shares are free, I just ask that you pre-register on Zoom ahead of time- and donate to an organization doing anti-racist work and education, like Building Bridges Denver.¬†