It’s been a year since the pandemic began and about four months in, I stopped going on social media. I am “deactivated” on Facebook and my Instagram still exists but I am not there. I was once on Facebook often, using it to stay personally connected with friends and family, and my Instagram presence was primarily for business. It definitely served well, and I did connect with people I may not have found in other ways, yet the investment was too much. I was stressed about the need to post and keep up with it by engaging and creating fresh content on a consistent basis.

Now that I haven’t been on for months, it feels weird to go back, and I haven’t been able to, though I’ve tried. I feel the pressure of society and being an entrepreneur creating the idea that I need to be there…. And I keep resisting going back. I don’t want to go back.

What I am personally inspired by, are people who have consistent newsletters and blogs, and I strive to do the same. I want to maintain existing connections and to create new connections with people that want to know more.

I am committing to do this through weekly newsletters that are inspiring, thoughtful, community-driven, and collaborative. In these weekly emails, I will be sharing not only my offerings but also information and thoughts about what I am learning, connecting with, and inspired by.

I have met so many amazing people through my life; as a classroom teacher, non-profit educator, yoga teacher, and doula, I love to stay connected and I hope to be able to do that sustainably on this platform.

What have I gotten from NOT being on social media?

  • More time to connect with people on the phone, having conversations with old friends.
  • Rather than spending time posting on social media, taking time to have one-on-one phone calls with people interested in my work. I’ve really enjoyed this time.
  • Time to speak with new friends and colleagues on the phone, who I’ve connected with through mutual friends
  • Time to create more ways to bring people together in community, which I see as so critical to healing not just ourselves but also the community and beyond
  • Time to be more present with family- I am still distracted by simple texts and emails, but I don’t find myself scrolling mindlessly and getting sucked into social media
  • Space to create new ways of teaching Reiki, energetic boundaries, and sharing my work through teaching a free monthly class: Life is Energy and Life is Practice (for people to learn about how I teach and share what I’ve learned on my healing journey)
  • Space to start imagining and manifesting future retreats, both locally in Colorado and internationally, to beautiful beaches

So, my request for you is please, if you are interested in staying connected, drag my newsletters into your inbox if you use gmail, or frequently check your promotion or spam mailbox if you are not a Gmail user so that you do not miss my content. A frustration I’ve had with even staying connected as a business owner is how my business emails get put in promotions or spam… It is a weird thing, trying to stay connected and all the ways the algorithms make it very hard and time consuming to do so!

To read a few newsletters that inspire me, please check out and subscribe to Chani Nicholas for astrology and horoscopes, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener for lunar cycles, Tarot and more, and Laura McKowen for recovery, alcoholism and codependency.

I look forward to being able to keep you up to date with what I’m teaching and learning about. Please keep me posted about what is happening for you as well!