I created the program, Be Rooted in Your Truest Self through Practice and Energy Awareness in February, 2021 and started teaching my first class a month later. It has been so grounding for me as a teacher, and inspiring to watch my students learn new skills, incorporate new practices, and tune into their own energy, boundaries, and intuition, after such a short time together! Students learned Reiki our second weekend together, and that has been incredible to observe from afar on Zoom; the power of learning and practicing Reiki is incredible! I truly feel like I am bringing together all I have learned over the past decade from my amazing teachers, and am able to share, teach and hold space for growth, in the supportive community of a circle of 8.

When I was recently thinking back to my thesis from my Masters Degree program a decade ago, I remembered that I had set an intention to hold circles (which is how I’m teaching all my classes now). I dug up some documents, and came across my mission statement, which I wrote in October 2010… and it still holds true to what I am living…

I, Tekla Cook Ayers, am passionately committed to take risks, letting go of expectations and outcomes, while working in partnership with others, to build a peaceful and healthy world, with a deep connection to the Earth and the Oneness that is, for the sake of the children, honoring the 7 generations*.
(Note- *honoring the 7 generations* is a tradition held by many Native People’s tribes in “America”- It is a tradition that resonates deeply with me and drives me and inspires me with my own healing and daily practices).

My thesis title was: Developing Community for Rituals and Practices During Pregnancy, Motherhood and Beyond. I was already doing this by leading Blessingways for expectant moms, teaching prenatal yoga in circles, and starting my business as a birth doula. I didn’t know exactly how my thesis was going to evolve.

I am in awe that, after a decade of slow growth of my business, very much supported by all of the personal growth and healing I have been doing with amazing teachers and mentors, I have created a community of rituals and practices for humans who are ready to take some time for practices and learning new ways of being for their own healing journey. Currently, I have a beautiful variety of women in the circle Be Rooted In Your Truest Self, from moms of babies under 3, to moms with babies in elementary school, to moms with babies who are adults in their 20s and 30s! I still do seem to attract moms, AND I also have women who are not moms in my group (so this is definitely not a prerequisite).

Manifesting takes time, vision, letting go, action and personal growth as well as healing. My journey of healing and growing has been such a ride, and I am so grateful I am clear on how I am teaching now. I offer weekly circles, one-on-one intuitive Reiki sessions, and now, my 10-month program, Be Rooted in Your Truest Self. I offer this program 2 times a year, with the start of the “school year” season in September and the start of the “calendar year” in January and fill the class at 8, with both a sliding scale and a free slot available for each cohort.

Please, if you are ready, join me to Be Rooted in Your Truest Self… it is about practice, energy awareness, and support from community as well as one-on-one support. Start dates are January and September.