I keep hearing this in my head… “timing is everything”. It is a message I need to write about and share. I truly believe this is my lesson of the summer of 2021. I have learned so much about creating a new program and about how timing is everything for individuals and for the collective.

In the Spring of 2021, I learned that sometimes timing is everything in a very aligned and beautiful way. I created my new program, Be Rooted in Your Truest Self, very quickly and with deep knowing that this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing – I am meant to teach daily practices and energetic boundaries using Reiki. The group of people who started Be Rooted in the spring knew that the timing was right for each of them. The members themselves have truly been such an inspiration to me in the way they have embraced community, their own energy awareness and the practice of Reiki has validated that this is what I’m intended to do in the world. And then, the timing wasn’t so aligned this summer.

What I Observed, Summer 2021:

  • Summer (at least this past summer) was NOT a time to start a program…. You hear that entrepreneurship includes a lot of failing, and without some failing, growth and change does not happen. I don’t like the word failing, AND my summer program may be labeled as a failure, as I started out with a circle of 6, which quickly declined to 4, then 3, then 2, which is not a circle but a line, so the circle was dissolved! So many factors came into play here, all being timing and life changes. Also I see this as timing for the collective- especially this summer, I have seen that summertime has been very busy, very fast, and a hard time to settle into routine. I know that many other people offering self-care practices, programs and coaching, have noticed a decline in business this summer with restrictions being lifted. I continued my weekly circles, wrapped up the Spring Be Rooted program, and continued to work with people one-on-one, and there was a general sense of busy, fullness, a bit of confusion as the world opened up after over a year of shut down from the pandemic.
  • End-of-Summer-Beginning-of-School is a challenging timing time! I was going to start my next Be Rooted circle this weekend, August 13-15. I was sure I had a circle of committed people, ready for Be Rooted…. And they all are ready (energetically) and guess what? Timing is not right, and I realized it isn’t for me, either! People are literally moving, still on vacation, transitioning from summer to the school-year, and settling into slowing down from a busy summer. I am taking this week to prepare my daughter and I for homeschooling, as my husband is back at school teaching 5 days a week, everyday, so we are in transition mode into the school year! Timing is everything!

Taking what I have learned and applying these life lessons:

  • The wisdom to offer Be Rooted two times a year, and the next one is starting September 24, after school is in session, as we settle into fall, which is a time of slowing down and letting go- I trust this is going to be perfect timing! I will start another one January 21, 2022, after the craziness of the holiday season, the beginning of a new calendar year, with time to settle in together. I prefer to start programs more aligned with the seasons of mother nature, but reality is that we are all pretty tied to the cultural cycles of the school year, summer break, and January being the “new year” and time to start fresh. I think these start dates will align with those in alignment with my work and what I have to offer!
  • Even when plans crumble, rapport can be retrained. And the Be Rooted program that dissolved in the summer? I continue to work one-on-one with all but one of these incredible humans, a few have joined my Tuesday Circle of Support, and I trust that when the timing is right for them, they will join the community of Be Rooted once again.

Learning to have faith that timing is everything and trusting how things unfold is a continued practice for me. I choose to trust and to continue to let go of my timeline and sense of how it is all supposed to work out. Most of the time, even through the challenging times of learning new lessons, if I carefully listen, I can continue to share this work that is so powerful and meaningful to me and that I am called to share with others!

I even canceled my monthly Life Is Energy and Life is Practice free class for August, as the timing just didn’t work… and it came up so fast I never got it posted on eventbrite! Time to post the September class. Please click here to register– I would love to have you- if you know me and my work or not, it is an hour-long class of a reminder that Life is Energy and Life is Practice and how I teach and hold space for this for others. Sunday morning, September 5 at 9-10am MT.