After sharing Reiki with clients for almost a decade, from my experiences and observations, I can say that Reiki is heart-healing medicine. The grief that people carry in their bodies and hearts can be so heavy, keeping them weighed down from moving forward with their lives, with connecting to their truest self, and Reiki gently releases some of the energy of grief and heartbreak, as the body/mind/spirit is ready. It is gentle and beautiful and gives the person the space to feel the heartache, to breathe into the heartache, and to release the energy when the body is ready.

I have been in awe of the healing I’ve observed in clients over the years, like:

  • the woman who came in to heal her grief from 3 miscarriages, and to prepare for another pregnancy- she did, and in the process, uncovered layers of other energy and generational trauma and patterns she was ready to release. Through heart healing, she was able to get pregnant and now has two “Reiki babies” as I like to call them! She continues to see me once a month and is dedicated to her Reiki practice.
  • the mama who was deep in heartache and grief, from her parents and in-laws treating her with disrespect, a miscarriage that deeply broke her heart, anxiety at night that was keeping her from sleep. She was detached from her intuition and after working with me, she found her meditation practice again and joined Be Rooted- her life completely changed, she set boundaries with family members, she is aware of the toxic patterns that she is breaking for the sake of her children, and she also became pregnant with her “Reiki baby”.
  • the woman who was in heartache from having to let go of her passionate work in the world to take care of her family, the grief of losing her father, and health issues that were affecting her body/mind/spirit… she continues to heal the heart and has manifested a job and life she loves.
  • the woman who had left a decades-long marriage to an alcoholic who never found recovery, to start a new life, who found her truth, left a job and manifested a job that was in alignment with her truth- through some more heartache and heart healing she found a partner who is very much in alignment with her and her heart.
  • the mama who found out her partner was hiding his substance dependency disorder (alcohol) during the pandemic- her heart broken, we started working together and she has found her truth, her boundaries, and has healed so much grief, while bringing awareness to toxic family patterns she continues to heal with awareness, daily practices, and monthly Reiki sessions.

All of these humans who have healed their heart with Reiki have worked with me between 2-8 years, and continue to work with me- they have all dedicated their life to the practice of meditation, Reiki, and self-awareness and continued healing. They all have learned Reiki through level 3 with me, and continue to show up for themselves, honoring community and the power of healing in community.

If you are ready to heal your heart and understand it is a process but it is possible, consider joining Ready to Root, which is a more personalized program with more frequent 1:1 Reiki sessions. If you’re ready to heal in community, Be Rooted, a 9-month program, which includes 1:1 work and community healing, including learning Reiki 1, 2, and 3. Upcoming Be Rooted Q and A sessions are in August- the program begins September 13.