I freaking love podcasts. I learn so much from them. I learn history, astrology, antiracism, parenting, self-help, sometimes the news, all kinds of inspiration and knowledge comes to me through podcasts. I share them with my sister and my friends, we talk about them, there are soooo many out there. I think podcasts are such a great way to learn about someone, their work, and get a feel for what they are bringing to the world.

I was always terrified to be a guest on a podcast. Well, now I am on one. I recorded with my friend Carin Huebner and it did feel natural and I was not nervous. She has a wonderful podcast, heal + go public, please check it out! Once she published the episode, it took a few days for me to get the courage to listen- to my voice, to what I was saying, what if I say something stupid or I don’t express myself well? I was pleasantly surprised and super impressed by Carin’s podcasting and interview skills! She asked me questions and explained my work for me through her questions. I hope you can find an hour to listen, or four 15-minute chunks of time to listen! If you don’t know my work or you do, it is a great overview of where I’m coming from, why I keep offering the work I do to the world! I hope it inspires you, teaches you something, and if my work feels like and sounds like it is in alignment for you, if my program Be Rooted sounds like what you need in your life, please join one of the 3 Q and A sessions I’m offering in August. The program starts September 13, 2023.

Please let me know if you listened, set up a phone call or email me so we can chat about your reflections on the podcast and any questions you may have. Thank you. Deep gratitude. And check out Carin’s other episodes of heal + go public and her work- she is a podcaster and a podcast producer! If you are contemplating starting your own podcast, I highly recommend working with her! You can book a podcasting discovery call with Carin here.