Dive into the latest episode of ‘Be Rooted’ as Tekla engages in a powerful conversation with business consultant Katie Helms, titled ‘The Power of Language + Daily Practices.’ Despite Tekla’s voice’s sound quality in this interview, Katie’s wisdom shines through, making it a worthwhile listen. For the backstory on Tekla’s sound, catch the ‘I am a Beginner’ episode for a lighthearted explanation.

In this debut interview, Tekla honors Katie, a teacher turned healer turned entrepreneur, now guiding service-providers in transition as a business consultant. Reflecting on their transformative journey since meeting in 2009 at the Tai Sophia Institute in Maryland, Katie and Tekla share insights gained from their experiences, bringing a wealth of knowledge to their respective businesses.

Explore Katie’s daily practices and the importance of incorporating them into your routine, learning in a community setting, and the impact of language on well-being—discussing why they steer clear of the term ‘stress’ and its origins. Delve into the transformative power of creating a positive mood, affecting oneself and radiating positivity to others.

Join Tekla in unveiling Katie’s wisdom and wit as they navigate topics like the significance of consistent daily practices, learning in community, language choices, and the profound effects of mood creation. Discover how change, rooted in time and practice, becomes a lasting part of your life when embraced with commitment.

Listen to the podcast episode below: