Step into the inaugural episode of ‘I Am a Beginner, Finding Amusement + The Seasons’ on the ‘Be Rooted’ podcast, where Tekla warmly invites you into her personal journey of embracing the beginner’s mindset and the joy found in the learning process. In this solo pod, she shares the challenges and triumphs of initiating the podcast, reflecting on the importance of letting go of expectations and discovering laughter in the unexpected.

As Tekla navigates the seasons of life, she encourages listeners to cultivate a profound connection to the natural world, emphasizing the significance of tuning into its cycles and rhythms. Through vulnerability and authenticity, Tekla inspires you to adopt daily practices that bring joy, laughter, and a deeper connection to the essence of life.

Transitioning seamlessly between the anecdotes of being a beginner and the wisdom found in nature’s cycles, Tekla unveils the transformative power of embracing new adventures. Join us for a heartfelt exploration of life’s seasons, the beauty of a beginner’s mindset, and the transformative practice of finding amusement in every step. Tune in, connect with Tekla’s journey, and be rooted in the beauty of embracing the ever-changing cycles of life.

Listen to the podcast episode below: