Embark on Episode 2 of our podcast series, where Carin Huebner, the producer, engages Tekla in a captivating interview titled ‘Who is Tekla and Why is She Creating a Podcast?’ Join us as Carin skillfully unveils Tekla’s fascinating journey from a science teacher to a Reiki teacher, delving into the unexpected twists that shaped her spiritual path.

Discover Tekla’s early bond with the Earth, intricately woven into her spiritual background, and witness the impactful observations that have influenced her worldview. Dive deep into Tekla’s personal healing odyssey, as Reiki and community emerge as pivotal saviors.

The episode takes a reflective turn as Tekla candidly shares her experience as a white woman teaching the Japanese Art of Reiki, opening up about her ongoing commitment to antiracism work—an ever-evolving process of unlearning and learning.

Explore the distinctive ways Tekla seamlessly integrates Reiki and community into her practice, providing valuable insights into the fusion of spirituality and healing. Lastly, uncover the transformative potential of the 12-step work, a powerful tool for connecting with spirituality and facilitating profound healing experiences.

Immerse yourself in this enlightening dialogue between Carin and Tekla, offering a vivid exploration into Tekla’s journey, the motivations behind this podcast, and the intricate tapestry of spirituality woven into her life. Tune in for an insightful and engaging experience that goes beyond the surface, providing valuable insights and meaningful connections.

Listen to the podcast below and embark on a journey of creative exploration: