In this illuminating solo episode, Tekla shares the transformative odyssey that shaped her purpose, transitioning from a birth doula to a dedicated Reiki teacher and practitioner. Central to her narrative is the profound significance of “Luz de la Luna,” the poignant name of her LLC. While “Be Rooted” succinctly encapsulates her work, “Luz de la Luna” resonates deeply with her WHY, symbolizing the luminous essence guiding her path.

Tekla’s journey unfolds with poignant authenticity as she recounts the pivotal moment when her WHY was reignited during a transformative retreat with Valarie Kaur, the esteemed author of “See No Stranger.” It’s within the sacred space of this retreat that Tekla reconnects with the profound essence of her purpose, infusing her journey with renewed clarity and conviction.

Through heartfelt storytelling, Tekla invites listeners to journey alongside her, exploring the radiant threads of inspiration that weave through her life’s work. “Luz de la Luna” transcends mere words; it’s a testament to the profound interconnectedness of purpose and passion, illuminating the transformative power of embracing one’s inner light. As Tekla’s narrative unfolds, listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own journey towards purpose, inspired by her unwavering commitment to authenticity and self-discovery. In a world often shrouded in darkness, “Luz de la Luna” emerges as a guiding beacon, reminding us to embrace the luminous beauty of our true selves.

Listen to the podcast episode below: