Join us for an inspiring discussion with Bonnie Tarantino, Tekla’s revered Reiki and yoga mentor, as we explore the profound practices of Reiki and yoga and their integration into daily life. With over two decades of experience, Bonnie shares her insights into infusing Reiki into various aspects of life, from parenting to teaching, writing, and creative endeavors.

Discover how Bonnie’s journey with Reiki began over 20 years ago and evolved into a lifelong passion for teaching and sharing these transformative practices. Learn about her innovative approach to teaching Reiki in a 9-month community program, inspiring others, including Tekla, to adopt similar formats.

Explore the significance of incorporating simple daily practices into our routines and how they can help ground us during challenging times. Delve into Bonnie’s experiences of raising mindful children and navigating the influence of social media on their lives.

Gain hope and encouragement from Bonnie’s perspective on practicing Reiki and meditation during times of great upheaval and change. Explore her journey with Tarot and the power of intuition and creativity in enhancing our lives.

Join us for an enriching conversation that delves into the transformative potential of Reiki and yoga, leaving you inspired to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and growth.


Listen to the podcast episode below: