Dive into the realms of intuition and self-discovery with Tekla and the esteemed Stacia Synnestvedt of wooversity.com in this enlightening podcast episode. Stacia, a gifted intuitive teacher and psychic, shares a decade’s worth of wisdom, knowledge, and transformative tools. Explore profound topics including the significance of growth periods, the nuances of codependency, and the energetics of boundaries. Stacia imparts powerful insights on holding space for others while maintaining energetic neutrality, and delves into the importance of body awareness in healing. Discover how discomfort in community settings can lead to profound healing, and the transformative potential of consistent practice, both individually and within a supportive community. With a background in ordained ministry and intuitive teaching, Stacia effortlessly guides individuals towards self-awareness and inner peace, offering personalized meditation techniques and spiritual counseling. Join Tekla and Stacia on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment in this captivating conversation.

Listen to the podcast episode below: