Nurturing Wellness and Joy with Michele Bickley

For over two decades, Michele Bickley has been an inspiring teacher of yoga and dance, enriching the lives of her students with kindness and authenticity. As both a practitioner and teacher, Michele’s journey embodies resilience, healing, and growth, serving as an inspiration to many.

In a heartfelt conversation with Tekla, Michele reflects on her evolution from teaching dance in Los Angeles classrooms to immersing herself in the profound teachings of yoga. She shares her deep reverence for her mentors and the traditions of yoga, highlighting the transformative power of practice.

One of Michele’s greatest joys lies in teaching yoga and dance to children, witnessing the profound shifts they experience in both body and spirit. Her dedication to creating authentic communities, whether in person or online, fosters a space of connection and belonging.

Drawing from her own experiences of recovery and healing, Michele discusses the transformative journey of 12-step work and its integration into yoga practice. With vulnerability and grace, she shares her path to recovery from an eating disorder, emphasizing the importance of dropping denial and embracing healing.

Michele’s passion extends beyond the studio, as she leads retreats locally and internationally, inviting others to experience the profound benefits of self-discovery and community. Through and virtual classes, she continues to spread joy and wellness to all who seek it.

Join Michele Bickley on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where every step is guided by love and authenticity.

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Experience the transformative power of yoga and dance with Michele Bickley, where every breath is a celebration of life and movement.

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