reflections on community- summer 2024 Offerings

Community continues to be important yet can be challenging to create and maintain in this wild and chaotic world of constant change, the zoom burnout, the need for connection, the balance of deciding what to show up for when. The pandemic was pretty cool in that I started a lovely Tuesday Circle of Support which went strong for about 2 years. I also created the Be Rooted Program, which has evolved into a 9 month transformational program (next cohort starting in September).

This summer I can’t emphasize the importance of practice and community (you can hear me talk a lot about it on the Be Rooted Podcast, we talk about it a lot there!) I am definitely leaning towards quality over quantity in these communities, quality meaning people showing up as often as possible (the weekly circles of course you may miss one sometimes, but the 2x/month or 1x/month circles, people show up so we can build a strong community). Quality meaning you are there because you know the power and strength of community, you need it and you want to participate.

I am offering a new weekly circle, the Refresh and Renew Weekly Circle of Trust– every Wednesday over lunch- I invite you to read more about it and join! It is inspired by the Tuesday Circle of Trust that was a beautiful and supportive community a few years ago. You do not have to practice Reiki to participate. I will guide meditations and share readings, and we will all have space to check in and share.

The other new circle I am offering, the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, over lunch, is the Reiki Roots Community- this is a community for those who do practice Reiki (level 2 or above) and who want to practice sharing Reiki in community and to have the space to share experiences sharing and receiving Reiki, and to also dive into the discussions about sharing Reiki, both personally and professionally. Please read more about the Reiki Roots Community and join if it in alignment for you!

I had a series of blogs about community the summer of 2023 and I am looking forward to re-reading and editing them . Building community and being part of other communities continues to be a pillar to my personal and business life- if it is for you as well, please join.

I am also continuing to offer the First Monday Circle of Trust– free for current Reiki clients and just $25 to drop in. I invite you to check out the Community Blog Series from last year to be inspired!