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In a time of social and environmental unrest and uncertainty, this is THE TIME to be grounded in your truest self in community.

Learn practices through the wisdom of Mother Earth and connect to your

If you’re used to

      • Putting others first
      • Being unable to set boundaries
      • Feeling drained by others
      • Being accused of being too sensitive or emotional
      • Pushing off your healing because a busy life bogs you down

Learn and practice Reiki 1, 2 and 3 and practice setting boundaries with compassion and love
REIKI 1- Self-Reiki
REIKI 2- Distance Reiki + Sharing with others
REIKI 3- Advanced Reiki- continue sharing and connecting to your INTUITION + TRUTH

Master listening and trusting your intuition

Join a supportive & powerful healing community of others who are in this with you and ready to take the next step

Contribute more authentically to the healing of self and the collective

Offered once a year, Starting in September-
A 9-month program & commitment to YOU

4 weekends throughout the 9 months- offered hybrid-
On zoom or in person with Tekla in Lafayette, CO

      • 9 Month program, including 4 intensive weekends, over the course of the program, with plenty of time to continue to practice Reiki and practice together in community, on Zoom or in person for local participants
      • Connect to your mind/body/spirit awareness with daily practices, journaling, and sharing with the community
      • Build a powerful Circle of Trust community- that stays connected through a weekly circle on zoom to practice and stay accountable to each other.
      • Receive guidance from Reiki Practitioner and Teacher Tekla Ayers who comes from years of practice holding space and circles for others. It’s one of her superpowers!
      • The program includes a once/month one-on-one intuitive Reiki session with Tekla to support your individual awareness, clarity, and healing.
      • Connect with the wisdom of Mother Nature and see life as cycles- Learn to recognize and LIVE life as cycles
      • Set boundaries energetically- REALLY! You will learn, practice, and be able to do it!
      • Release things that no longer serve you through learning Reiki level 1, 2 & 3, daily practice, and one-on-one work with Tekla
      • This is for people who are new to Reiki AND to those who already practice Reiki- Tekla’s teaching has evolved over the years and she is excited to share it with you.
      • Tekla incorporates practices from her master’s degree in Applied Healing Arts/Transformative Leadership and Social Change, 2 years of intuitive training, Reiki and yoga training.

If you have already taken Reiki 1 or Reiki 2 weekends with me, this program dives deeper and brings a new perspective- I am teaching Reiki differently, with more of a deeper awareness for the importance of self-Reiki and teaching from the Japanese perspective and art of Reiki- if you have already learned Reiki with me, this will deepen, re-ignite, and bring community to your Reiki practice. 


9 months total- with 4 long weekends spread out over the 9 months together

      • We begin our 9 months together with weekly circles on September 4th, 11th, and 18th, and you will schedule your September 1:1 Reiki session before our first weekend together on September 21-22nd.
      • We meet 4 total weekends, each 2-3 months apart- totally do-able for busy schedules! See specific dates below.
        Weekends are: Saturday 10:00am – 3:00pm MT & Sunday 10:00am-1:00pm MT
      • Weekly circle between weekends once a week on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm MT
      • 75-minute one-on-one session with Tekla each month
      • 21 Day Restful Reiki Renewal 21 days of guided self Reiki meditation January 2024
      • The 9 month journey with the 4 long weekends together is transformational. Transformation happens and “sticks” when you practice in community. We continue the weekly circle (you get to join the “Be Rooted Graduate Circle” to practice Reiki & the weekly practices together). It is suggested to continue your monthly 1:1 Reiki sessions with Tekla after the 9 months for maintenance and continued support.

Once you complete the 9-month program-

      • You will be in deeper connection with your own intuition, energy awareness, energetic boundaries, and you will have a strong self-Reiki practice and feel confident sharing Reiki with others. You will be LIVING the practices we learn and practice together.
      • You will be confident in your personal Reiki practice AND you will be confident in sharing Reiki with others- graduates of the program have moved onto incorporating sharing Reiki into their business, some starting to share Reiki as a business.
      • You will have the practice and the certification to share Reiki with others after the program. Traditionally called a Reiki Master, I use the language Reiki Practitioner, advanced level Reiki.

Please fill out this interest form today and we will continue the conversation!

Fall 2024- Spring 2025
Our first Circle is Wednesday September 4, 2024 @ 5:30pm MT on Zoom
You will schedule your first 1:1 Reiki session before our first weekend together.

Weekends are Saturday 10am-3pm MT & Sunday 10am to 1pm MT
Weekend 1: September 21-22, 2024
Weekend 2 (Reiki 1): December 7-8, 2024
Weekend 3 (Reiki 2): February 1-2, 2025
Weekend 4 (Reiki 3): April 11-13, 2025

+ every Wednesday evening on zoom at 5:30pm MT

After the final weekend, we continue meeting weekly through May 2025, last circle will be 5/28/25


Includes all 4 weekends, 9 individual Reiki sessions, and weekly circles, September-May
$555/month for 9 months

Pay in full and save $295, pay $4,700 (Due September)

Extended payment plans available- start payments in May, June, July or August and spread out monthly payments into 10, 11, 12 or 13 months.

Pay in 2 payments and save $195, pay 2 payments of $2,400 (Due September & January)

One name your own pricing available- see money talks on website

The Importance of Committing to Yourself and the Circle- It is important to be able to attend each weekend- they are each crucial to the program and community that everyone attends each weekend and weekly check-in. Each weekly check-in circle should be a priority, and life happens and sometimes will need to be missed. The ongoing connection and support of the circle is an important part of the program. Each person holds a special space and wisdom in the circle- when we stick together the power of community healing is unique and beautiful!

Join a Q + A Information Session on Zoom- hear about the program & have time to ask questions with Tekla & Be Rooted graduates. Coming soon!

This program is only offered once a year, starting in September. Check your calendars now, and then fill out the interest form today!

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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

You can and you will dance in the eye of the hurricane of life.