White Women Book- Self-Reflection Circle of Trust- starting October 8, meeting the 2nd Sunday of the month at 5:30pm MT/ 7:30pm EST for 75 mintues, for 11 months. We will read the book White Women together, and reflect on each chapter each month of our gathering.

Read more about the circle here and fill out the interest form. Please set aside at least 20 minutes to fill out the form, we appreciate your time sharing where you are as we begin this circle together. RSVP here and add the 11 dates to your calendar. This is a white affinity space for white women, because, well, that is who the book is all about and we white women need to be in community together to work to dismantle white supremacy.

Circle led by Tekla Ayers & Sally Pelto-Wheeler, who led the last book club together, See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur. Please read this book before we begin or read it as we read this book together. Two very different and powerful approaches to antiracism.

Investment is $198- details on payment is in the INTEREST FORM. Please open the interest form and read through it if you are interested- and please fill out if you are (leaving at least 20 minutes to complete)!

This Circle adopts and agrees to the core values of Race2Dinner:

RADICAL HONESTY: We practice revolutionary, uncompromising truth-telling.
TRANSPARENCY: We are open about our successes and our failures, our ah-ha and our uh-oh moments, our “I understands” and our “I still don’t get its.”
RELATIONSHIP: We believe in the humanity of all people and we endeavor to genuinely understand the underlying meaning of others’ thoughts and actions. We engage fully and openly, building bonds and creating strong foundations.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We make mistakes. We reject guilt and shame and endeavor to walk with people from mistake through reconciliation.
AUTHENTICITY: We value our differences and vow to always show up as our true selves. We are genuine, living in our truest form, and we communicate openly to strip down the layers and build strong trusting relationships.
TRANSFORMATION: We reject the lies of white supremacy culture and we work towards being the fully liberated people that we are meant to be.
OWNERSHIP: We take responsibility for our thoughts and our actions – as well as our personal transformation.
HUMILITY: We know that we do not have all the answers. We remain open to learning (from others and from our mistakes), being corrected, and moving forward with grace.
TRUST: We build trust through being trustworthy, and by radically honest candid discussions.
INTEGRITY: We strive to do the right thing always. We act truthfully and honorably, we are unafraid of being true to self. And, we do it even when no one is watching.

Please check that you agree with the community agreements for this White Women Book- Self-Reflection Circle of Trust (thank you Tonja Reichley for sharing) :

We will have the courage to and the discernment to be honest with ourselves and others

We will allow grace to ourselves and others.

We will all participate and come to the community prepared to share.

We will be curious instead of judgmental.

We will use our voices to gently call each other in.

We will listen and speak in equal measure.

We will speak from our own personal experience.

We will witness without needing to respond (especially when it comes to comfort/ comforting).

We will not offer advice unless it is asked for.

We will dive deep and allow it to be hard and uncomfortable.

We will laugh with each other and have hope for the future we are co-creating together.

We will honor sharings and protect each other by not naming names if/ when we share these learnings with others.