Join Tekla to learn about the practices and philosophies that guide her in her work and a conversation about building virtual communities- an interactive, free, one-hour workshop, offered once per month.

The pandemic shut us down. We resisted the Zoom calls. I started a Tuesday Circle of Trust- it has been and continues to be beautiful support and connection. I resisted ever teaching Reiki on Zoom. I moved through the resistance. I created a program in 2021 completely on Zoom. I taught Reiki there, and it was powerful. And the community and connections that were created are still strong. These people would never have come together in person. We started the 21 Day Restful Reiki Renewal with other Reiki Practitioners, many people now look forward to this virtual community. My desire is to keep everyone connected, in a virtual space, and I want to hear from you, about your experiences, struggles, successes and any resistance to this concept of continuing to build communities in a virtual world. Please join me for a lunchtime/late afternoon conversation. Register here.