Set Boundaries with Compassion and Love

12 08, 2021

Timing Is Everything


I keep hearing this in my head… "timing is everything". It is a message I need to write about and share. I truly believe this is my lesson of the summer of 2021. I have learned so much [...]

Timing Is Everything2021-08-12T12:31:08+00:00
26 04, 2021

Grief, Rage + Love


Grief is BIG lately. The collective grief is real, which many are feeling intensely, a collective grief that many white people have not felt in the past, or are starting to feel now. There is so much grief, [...]

Grief, Rage + Love2021-04-26T04:46:11+00:00
8 03, 2021

Support Setting Boundaries


I have found, through my own healing and work and observing my clients' transformational work, that setting energetic boundaries with others is a major piece of healing, especially in families where there is generational codependency. Generational codependency- it [...]

Support Setting Boundaries2021-03-08T17:33:39+00:00
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