Circling Together is Tekla and Gretchen Pangilinan, and we offer weekly guided meditations with Reiki on Wednesdays at 4:30pm MT. Please join us for a $12/month subscription as an opportunity to be in circle and meditate together on a weekly basis. Due to the pandemic, our Wheel of the Year classes celebrating the cycles of the Earth and Celtic traditions and the year-long program, an opportunity to be together for a year in ceremony and Reiki practice, has been postponed until we can meet in person on a regular and reliable basis again.

The Inspiration for Circling Together…
In September 2019, I deepened my Reiki practice during a Spiritual Reiki Ireland Tour with my Reiki Teacher, Bonnie Tarantino. I was re-connected and ignited by the Ancient Celtic Traditions and was deeply inspired by Goddess Brigid/St. Brighid of Ireland. To connect with traditions that are in my ancestry and heritage was deeply moving, and I knew that I needed to come full circle and begin gathering in Circle again, to celebrate Earth and the human connection to Earth and the seasons. Creating this year-long program with Gretchen has been effortless and extremely exciting. To connect the 8 Celtic celebrations from the Year of the Year with Reiki shares between, gives us an opportunity to be in community, connecting with the cycles of the Earth and the moon. The year-long program will include ~ Love, Tekla

When Tekla brought her vision of Circling Together to me during our weekly peer supervision, I couldn’t suppress my enthusiasm for her foresight. The idea of bringing this type of work and healing to individuals which ultimately changes the world, is a shared vision for both of us. We brainstormed and realized working together would allow us the benefit of reaching more people and creating a curriculum that could be more expansive and solidly held. Love of our Earth, the oneness we all share and trusting ancient wisdom practices creates a foundation from where I start. A quote by shamanic practitioner, Sandra Ingerman explains so fully my belief and understanding of this world, “It is who we become that changes the world, not what we do. Harmony within, creates harmony without.” Given the chance in this year-long intensive, to share this understanding with others in ceremony and celebration, who can then bring it to others, lets me hold fast to the notion that the transmutation we crave can be realized. ~ Love, Gretchen