First Monday Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust on the first Monday of the month, from 5:30-6:30 or 7pm MT.
July Circle is Monday the 1st-Summer is here, vacations, camps, non-routine is abound- here’s a chance to be still and reflect in community.
Take an hour on the first Monday to take extra good care of yourself by taking a pause, meditating, moving, and being in community. We are on the energy of summer, days are long and temperatures warm! We are in the energy of fire, joy, possibility, and of course, no school schedule and more unstructured time which can feel ungrounding for some. Give yourself permission to stop for 60-90 minutes in community!

How to Join:

  • Free for current 1:1 Reiki clients– Please email me if you will be there, or just join!
  • Zoom Link:  Meeting ID: 288 037 0041
  • If you are not a current Reiki Client, please pay $25/circle for drop in- pay through Venmo @Tekla-Ayers or Zelle- [email protected]
  • BE in community- meditate and ground together, have space to share and listen, to process by listening to the wisdom of the circle.
  • Reminders of practices to ground, set boundaries, and clear energy will be covered each month. A beautiful way to stay grounded in community, starting off the calendar month in community.