Join Tekla to learn about the practices and philosophies that guide her in her work- an interactive, free, one-hour workshop, offered once per month.

For an hour, be in circle with others, have time to reflect on the title Life is Energy and Life is Practice and learn how Tekla shares this with others. Tekla will guide the circle in meditation and share how to connect with the cycles of Mother Earth, a bit about her journey with energy awareness with Reiki, setting energetic boundaries, and the power of daily practice. You will leave knowing what Tekla offers as she practices and teaches energy healing through intuitive-inspired Reiki. This is not a high pressure “buy in the next 30 minutes and save $99 class”. It is an offering and overview of Tekla’s offerings- please join to learn more. Register here.

Upcoming classes at 9am MT: March 13, April 3, May 1, June 5, July 10, August 14.