Reiki Shares on Zoom
Dates are close to the FULL MOONS, 6:30-8pm MT

It is time to reunite and grow our Reiki community. I hosted Reiki Shares and together we grew a beautiful Reiki community for 3 years, from March 2017 through March 2020. Then, PANDEMIC, and I put it on hold. It has been 9 months and I am feeling called to re-start monthly Reiki shares, this time in synch with the full moon.

I have experienced, through circles and classes I have taught and been a part of the past 9 months, that we can build community, connect and share Reiki energy on Zoom and virtually. We need the space to come together in community, to share and receive Reiki, and to practice together. The power of circle and coming together with Reiki is healing for each person in the circle, AND we can send Reiki out together to specific people, causes, and events. We did this together in person for 3 years, and these shares were magical. I am confident that we can re-build and find this magic of Reiki community again in a Zoom Circle.

The bonus of having our Reiki Shares on Zoom is that you can join from anywhere, and we can connect beyond Lafayette, Colorado!

How will this work? Please listen to me explain in the video below, but basically, we join on Zoom, do introductions, I will share about the current lunar and seasonal cycles, we will meditate and do self-Reiki, then I will divide everyone into groups of 3 in Zoom breakout rooms. There you will be given an amount of time to send Reiki to each other. We will come back together in circle, have time to share again, and close together with meditation. Bring your oracle decks, journal, light a candle, make quiet space for you during this time.

Join us, please just pre-register at the links below ahead of time. I ask that, if you feel called to, donate to an organization that is doing anti-racist work and education, like Building Bridges Denver, or take one of their classes if you haven’t yet and are called to!

Please join us on these dates which fall close to the full moons of each month:

  • Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 6:30-8pm MT- REGISTER HERE for Zoom Link- March

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

You can and you will dance in the eye of the hurricane of life.