Mothering through times of change-

Coming January 2024- please fill out the interest form to help us find the best time to meet- 1x/month for 90 minutes, Jan-April 2024

join us as we dive deep into the challenges & possibilities of mothering through our own perimenopausal transition as it collides with our children’s changes (puberty).

This Circle is offered on Zoom OR in Person! If you are near Lafayette, CO you can join Tekla at her office, and if you are near Silver Spring, MD you can join Robyn at her office! We have both led hybrid circles and it works! Join us.

Please fill out this interest form today- tell us when is the best time for you to meet!

Here we are again, learning how to mother our growing children as we are in the midst of our own personal transition. Just as we were transitioning from Maidenhood to Motherhood when we had our babies, figuring out how to parent our infants and toddlers in the middle of this important transition, we are now finding ourselves moving from Motherhood to Crone while our children are entering adolescence, some entering into their own Maidenhood. How do we handle being in the messy middle of it all again? Often we regress to being our teenage selves again and our tweens/teens regress to being toddlers again. It’s a time where all the feelings are up and needing to be metabolized in a way that brings about transformation and healing. It’s not just about the hormones. It’s also about marking milestones of deep transition that need to be acknowledged, honored and respected for all of us.

*** Note- some of the ages of our children are younger than puberty and older, all mothers are welcome, especially those feeling the effects of perimenopause.***

We aren’t meant to do this alone. We are stronger together in community, knowing we can share, listen, and hear that this is a messy time for all of us, we can find acceptance together. We can create the lotus in the mud.

We invite you to join this Circle of Trust with many opportunities for healing. The transition we are going through requires that we learn how to stop being so “nice,” to set boundaries for ourselves and with our kids and partners, and to learn what “self-care” actually means in practice.

Please fill out this interest form today- we need your feedback to know when to schedule the circle!

When I was a new mom, I was in graduate school and my classmate and friend, Robyn Gordon, created a Mothering Circle guide. Two friends and I used this guide as a springboard to start our own mothering circle. During this time our babies became toddlers and we deepened our understanding of what it meant to transition into Motherhood. This circle connected women in a way that always left each of us with a sense of calm and relief, knowing we were not alone, knowing there are simple tools that we can remember and practice together. Now that I have a ‘tween (12 year old daughter) and I am in perimenopause, the need for a circle of trust again is feeling critical.

I reached out to Robyn again, who is in Maryland, and asked if she would be interested in co-facilitating a mothering circle with me for this part of life’s journey. She gave an enthusiastic YES. I am so grateful and excited to offer this Circle with Robyn.

The details:

4 Circles held once per month, from January to April 2024- YOU tell us when you can meet!
Time: 90 minute circles – what time works best for you?

This Circle is offered on Zoom OR in Person! If you are near Lafayette, CO you can join Tekla at her office, and if you are near Silver Spring, MD you can join Robyn at her office! We have both led hybrid circles and it works! Join us.


Our commitment to you is to provide a brave, grounded space for exploration and healing. We ask you to commit to us to show up for yourself, each other and your family 4 times over 4 months.

Investment/your commitment: $120 for all sessions. Please fill out the interest form here for details on payment options.


A Circle of Trust- each person checks in, we find a topic of discussion, and listen to what the group needs. We will all have a chance to share, to listen, and we will offer practices at the end of the circle.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to: recognizing our triggers from our own adolescence and how to nurture our kids while healing ourselves; how to cultivate radical self-compassion; learning what nature can teach us about honoring and respecting the transitions we are all experiencing; what are emotions are telling us about what needs to change; and whatever else arises!

Robyn and I hope to continue offering this circle of trust and we see how crucial it is during this time of uncertainty and unpredictability. As my daughter says, “Why do humans have to all be so different from each other? Why can’t I just be a dog?”

A bit more about Robyn (she/her)-

Hello! I am a 56-year-old mother of two adults, 26 and 23, and one teenager, 17. I am an acupuncturist in Silver Spring, MD. After mothering three adolescents during my own peri-menopausal and now menopausal journey, my youngest came out as transgender and we are going through a fourth puberty in our household. I’ve learned so much about the gifts these transitions bring from the ancient Celtic, Nordic and Chinese traditions and I am so excited to be working with Tekla again and share what I’ve learned with you!