Thank you for scheduling your new client appointment with me.
I look forward to meeting you in person (or on the phone!)

Before we meet, please take the time to fill out these two forms. If you do not have time now, please bookmark, email or text yourself this page with the links so you can fill them out later before we meet. Thank you so much!
If you have scheduled a distance appointment, when it is time for your appointment, please settle in and get cozy- we meet over the phone and you call me at 301-741-0211 at your start time. We will talk for a bit to check in and then you want to be where you can be cozy and close your eyes, like a bed or yoga mat. Please use earbuds if possible so you don’t have to hold your phone.
If you have scheduled an in-person session, please arrive at your arrival time. We will talk for a bit before you get on the table. You stay fully clothed and are under covers, so dress cozy and comfortable. The address of my office is 150 Old Laramie Trail, suite 210, Lafayette, CO 80026. The building is the last one, closest to the Flatirons, and the entrance is in the middle of the building on the parking lot side.