New Clients

Welcome! This is the page for new & returning clients, please explore my website to learn more about who I am and what I do offer you. Please read below for next steps. I look forward to meeting you.


Set up a free 30 min phone call with me-
if you are new or if we have not worked together in more than 6 months please set up a call!


Plant the Seed Package- new & Returning clients- 2 sessions + 2 phone calls in 2 weeks

  • 2 Distance or In-Person Reiki Sessions in 2 weeks- includes initial phone call and paperwork
  • Package includes a 15 minute follow-up call with Tekla the week after each session- these follow up calls are important and you will schedule each with her at the end of each appointment. This will give you time to process and reflect on the sessions as well as discuss the next best Reiki package to continue your work with Tekla.

After our 30 min conversation, you can set up your appointment for your first 2 sessions!
This initial call and 2 sessions are covered in the Plant the Seed Package. Please schedule your 2 sessions 2 weeks apart. Plant the Seed package is $300 total- includes paperwork, 2 Reiki sessions + 2 phone calls.

Before your session, please allow 15-30 minutes to fill out these two forms below:

Take some time.
Treat yourself.
You deserve it.

You can and you will dance in the eye of the hurricane of life.