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Welcome to Be Rooted, the brave space where we explore the power of Reiki energy healing, the mind-body connection, boundaries and the power of healing in community. Join your guide, Tekla Ayers, an intuitive reiki practitioner, teacher, space-holder and community builder,  as she educates and inspires listeners through discussions on various topics. Explore the power of language and practice, and the possibilities of healing trauma through Reiki and mindfulness practices. Discover the magic of connecting with natural cycles of the earth, and how it helps to be rooted in your truest self.

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EP. 10: Stories of Healing w/ Crystals, Reiki, Yoga, Psychic Classes + Community with Artist + Teacher Jocelyn Hunter

Discover the transformative power of healing and self-discovery as Jocelyn Hunter joins Tekla in an enriching podcast episode. Embark on a journey through Jocelyn's profound healing experiences, beginning with her fascination with crystals and evolving into her role as a teacher [...]

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