Transformational Intuitive Reiki Packages
for 1:1 Reiki Sessions

Intuitive Reiki is powerful medicine at a distance or in person- I am here to hold space for your healing journey, to support letting go of what no longer serves and connecting with your truth.

New Client?

If you are brand new to my service please click the button below to learn about the new client Amethyst package of 2 sessions in 2 weeks, including a 15 minute phone call check-in after each session.

4 Month Reiki Packages

  • Commit to 1 or 2x/month 1:1 Reiki Sessions- carve out the time in your life like you would therapy or a massage- the clearing, grounding, re-set, and energetic re-fill you receive is crucial while living in these uncertain and unstable times.
  • 1:1 Reiki sessions are either distance or in person in Tekla’s beautiful office overlooking Coal Creek in Lafayette, Colorado.
  • Commit to 2x/month and receive savings on each session. Payment options available- click on buttons below for options. ‘
  • Please refer to Money Talk if sliding scale is needed- email Tekla to request options.

Ready to Root

This six-month program supports a path of mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing and includes:
∙ Regular one-on-one Reiki sessions with Tekla
∙ Weekly phone check-ins with Tekla
∙ First Monday Circle of Trust included- community check in and community healing space