Benefits of Being a Member

  • Monday Morning Live (& Recorded) meditation & Check In
  • Thursday Evening Live Meditation
  • Monthly Live (& Recorded) Book Club/discussion- See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur
  • Adulting Together Co-working Circle 1x/month
  • Wheel of the Year/Seasonal Celebrations 8x/year- (discounted for members)
  • Opportunity to Join weekly Circles and seasonal circles at a discounted price

Why Rooted Community?

  • To Connect People in Circles of Trust
  • To Build Community
  • To have a place to practice and stay in practice- life is practice and it is easy to NOT practice
  • I am inspired by the wisdom of Valaire, Kaur, author of See No Stranger and founder of the Revolutionary Love project, Audre Lord, “self-care is community care”, Grace Lee Boggs, “transform yourself to transform the world” and adrienne marie brown, author of Emergent Strategy. I am creating a place and space for a rooted community, for people to be supported to be in consistent and daily practice of self-care, IN community, with compassion and trust for each other. I am creating a community that encourages and supports daily practices that help you to stay grounded, in your body, using energy awareness through practices like the Japanese Art of Reiki, along with simple mind/body practices with a focus on language and the power of language for healing and new possibilities.
  • This community is for people who know that self-care is a daily practice (and that we are human and it is easy to fall out of practice), and that to transform the world and to envision a different world, we must be in community, have a place to be inspired and supported, on a regular basis. To keep our own energy clear of what doesn’t serve, to clear old patterns, so that we can be rooted in our truest self, in a Rooted Community- practice. energy. activism. trust.

Why Commit to this Community?

I know how powerful and healing it is to be in a Circle of Trust (Parker Palmer). I have over a decade of experience holding circles, and the last few years of “virtual circles” has been amazing and transformative. I am bringing these different circles together, and inviting others to join, to expand the circles of trust into a greater community. I envision this community as one that has each other’s trust, encouragement and reminds each other to keep taking care of ourselves and each other for the greater good of the community and the world.

We cannot be effective in our actions and our activism if we are not grounded, if we are too overwhelmed by the energy of the world to function. Through the community and the practices, we will continue to Root together, knowing how it ripples out beyond just us and even beyond our own generation.

Testimonial: “In all the spaces I have shared with Tekla, community has been at the center. She has a way of inviting people to show up as they are. Her communities are comfortable and feel like home. I found a new “home” because of the structure provided by her healing communities. To feel the belonging of community is to know all the vulnerabilities, sorrows, joys, and confusions of being human. Tekla’s spaces are where I can be authentically me and brave, even through the uncertainty.” ~ Sally PW