I have found, through my own healing and work and observing my clients’ transformational work, that setting energetic boundaries with others is a major piece of healing, especially in families where there is generational codependency. Generational codependency- it happens and is in most families, somewhere- you don’t even have to have direct contact with the person who struggles with addiction. A loved one may be working towards recovery, or may still be struggling with addiction– this could be your partner, your father, your grandparent, your child….  the addiction could be to alcohol, work, marijuana, their phone, video games to name a few. Addiction is so common, yet it is not often openly talked about, the language of the word itself, “addiction” has so many negative reactions, and our culture does not look at it as a family disease that affects so many- causing unhealthy relationships, unhealthy boundaries and codependency.

Recovery is actively taking steps toward a life that is more healthy and well, and you can be in recovery  and have transformational healing through setting energetic boundaries and clearing other energy out of your mind/body/spirit with Reiki.

Addiction is described in different ways, most accepted as a disease, it is not a choice, and it is complex. The most current way of looking at addiction is as trauma- the person who falls into addiction is numbing and escaping from past trauma- whether the person is cognizant of the trauma or not- the person needs to escape and numb the pain of the trauma (which can be a big event or more subtle). Denial is common in families with addiction, even if there is some awareness.  You may be very codependent as a result of being in a family or culture of addiction, and you may be looking for a way to have healthy relationships around recovery and how to set boundaries with others, on an energetic level.

I am here to support you, whether recovery has been strong for years or you are just discovering the effects of addiction and recovery is a hope. I am also able to offer assistance whether or not you live with the person or whether the person is still living. I support you through a combination of energy work and conversation, practices, and self-care. I am here to help through private Intuitive Reiki Sessions which are available through 6-month packages, with an initial session and new client package available. I also teach my class, Set Boundaries with Compassion and Love throughout the year.

You do not have to do this alone. You deserve support, self-care and healing. I am here to support you, without judgment and with deep understanding.