Sally started working with Tekla remotely during the pandemic. She participated in Tekla’s first Be Rooted program, and then traveled to Colorado for Tekla’s retreat in May 2022. She is now a part of Rooted Community, co-teaching the book club with Tekla. Be inspired by her testimonial!

Cyndi and Tekla met at a yoga retreat Tekla was co-teaching before the pandemic. They continued working together and Cyndi participated in the first Be Rooted program. She continues to be active in the Be Rooted community. Enjoy her testimonial.

Francene and Tekla started working together during the pandemic remotely (see her testimonial below!) Francene was ready to learn the practice of Reiki to add to her other daily practices. She participated in Be Rooted and is still a strong part of the program, sharing distance Reiki with her Be Rooted people.

Karen is an excellent example of someone who did not know much about Reiki or energy work and boundaries, and saw incredible changes in her life and way of holding her own space with others. She is inspiring in that anyone can become more aware and set energetic boundaries! She was part of the first Be Rooted circle.

Amanda has been a distance Reiki client since 2018- heartbreak brought her to Reiki, and now she continues on a monthly basis. She has never had an in person Reiki session with Tekla, all have been from across the US, and each session is powerful and often full of laughter.
Cathy started distance Reiki during the pandemic and found after just a few sessions how it helped her connect with spirit and body, and enjoyed the playful and vivid imagery Tekla shared. She states that her sessions clean out the “gunk” that accumulates.
Crystal has been seeing Tekla in-person since 2018, and has taken classes with Tekla through advanced Reiki. She now shares Reiki with others, as her business, and continues with her monthly sessions with Tekla, which switched from in-person to distance for 2 years during the pandemic. Crystal shares Reiki with others and participates as a teacher in the 21 Day Restful Reiki Renewal.
Francene started seeing Tekla during the pandemic, and has only seen her for distance sessions. These sessions have helped her during a time of  transition, bringing confidence, connection with her own truth, and connection with her own energy.
Shirley has worked with Tekla since 2019, and has transitioned to distance sessions during the pandemic, and is back to in person. Reiki has helped her with physical, emotional and mental healing. She values the tools Tekla has taught her during sessions and she has also taken Reiki training with Tekla.

Erica has received in-person Reiki since 2018, originally coming in for chronic back pain and finding healing of the pain as well as support for the underlying grief and trauma. Seeing a therapist while also receiving Reiki has supported her well, and with COVID she has found that distance Reiki is as powerful as in person.

Stephanie has been receiving Reiki in-person and distance when needed because of the pandemic. She has found physical, emotional and spiritual healing and finds it easy to show up as her authentic self working with Tekla. Stephanie has taken Reiki classes with Tekla and participates in Reiki Shares, as well as continues with monthly Reiki sessions.

Holly has found much clarity, receiving distance Reiki regularly for many years. Tekla holds a space that is a loving, caring, compassionate way. After this testimonial, Holly has participated in the third Be Rooted program and her most recent testimonial is written below!

The practices Tekla teaches combined with the individual and communal support she offers hold the keys to unlocking our personal truths and growing deeply rooted in our truest selves. What the world needs now most is for us to show up as us – perfectly, uniquely and present prepared to offer what only we can. Engaging with the community Tekla assembled while committing to daily self practices allows us the space and offers us the support we need to meet our lives as they are and to serve our community authentically.Participating in Be Rooted has been transformational and has deeply grounded me in a desire for Collective liberation through community care, being rooted in our truest selves and transforming oppressive systems into inclusive ones. Tekla lives and teaches these values all while providing support and companionship on the journey.

– Holly, graduate of Be Rooted in Your Truest Self

For those of you who might be hesitant, I am here to tell you that distance Reiki works. Consider that Reiki is energy work and Tekla focuses on moving energy. Energy is not constrained by walls or distance or boundaries. My distance session did not feel any different than my in-person sessions. I appreciate the work that Tekla does and would recommend her unconditionally.

– Lucinda