A Circle of Trust- for those who “Mother”- as a parent, a grandparent, a partner, an auntie, a friend, even as a co-worker

Every Monday night at 5:30pm MT on Zoom, within the Rooted Community, just $22/month.

Join us if…

  • Maybe you “mother” in ways that cause you stress and anxiety.
  • Maybe you take better care of the person/people you “mother” than yourself.
  • Maybe you take on the emotions or energy of the person you “mother”.
  • Maybe you try to fix and help the person you “mother”, possibly being a little controlling.
  • Maybe you have a hard time setting boundaries with the person you “mother” or with those who “mother” you.
  • Maybe you have your own children you mother and it is f*&^%$# hard. You need a space to take a break each week, in community, with permission to breathe, to share about YOU!
  • Maybe you need to be in a space where you are reminded that you are not alone, “mothering” in different ways than maybe you were mothered.

What the Circle Looks Like:

  • We meet each week on Mondays at 5:30pm MT for one hour.
  • We move our bodies & ground, usually listening to a good song, breathing and connecting with our own bodies.
  • We check in, listening to each other, following the Circle of Trust Guidelines (Group Touchstones below).
  • I read a short daily reading by Melody Beattie while participants listen/meditate/move/notice your body, with your camera off.
  • We reflect on the reading, focusing on our own experiences.
  • We repeat with a second or sometimes third reading.

We are in community and it is nurturing and a great reminder of how you may want to BE in life, and to be in practice with self-awareness and self-care.