Transformation and change takes commitment and daily practices. I encourage clients to meditate daily, practice Reiki daily, or any practice that keeps their energy moving and releasing. Finding connection in community with others is so important for human wellness (it is We-llness, not I-llness). When the pandemic started in March 2020, I started offering a weekly Tuesday Night Zoom Circle: To Connect While Distancing. We meet on Zoom from 7-8pm MT. The collective wisdom and support of a circle is powerful, and having a circle that you can come back to for weekly support is healing. You are invited to join and are interested in a community that gets to know each other in this brave place to share- the ups and the downs, the positive and the negatives, the shame and whatever is showing up for you.

This meeting has evolved into more of a weekly support group, because I know the need for support around people affected by codependency and addiction, which is on the rise with the pandemic. This group is inspired by my experience in Alanon meetings (12-step work) but does not focus on the 12 steps, instead I use the approach of using more meditation, energy tools, Reiki, sharing, and a variety of reading inspiration. I loosely follow The Circle of Trust approach by Parker J. Palmer, whose work I was inspired by in grad school. If you are not familiar, the principals hold true for how I hold our circles. Please read through them if you are not familiar.

Each circle will begin with a guided meditation and a reading, which will often focus on codependency awareness and work (which basically means focusing on your own healing and patterns, not focusing on everyone else). Books that I like to use for inspiration and conversation are Melody Beattie’s books, The Language of Letting Go and Journey to the Heart. I’m also inspired by Irish writer and poet John O’Donohue and different oracle decks, and Pixie Lighthorse’s book, Boundaries and Protection. I also like to remember to connect to our inner knowing, Earth energy and Reiki energy.  We will also continue the conversation around Racism and Whiteness in our country and how to dismantle the current system of oppression. We share resources and support everyone’s continued growth and learning as a collective.

Circle is by invitation-  please let me know if you are interested in joining, to BE and participate in circle and community, to share wherever you are, and to see the connections that are present in the circle. The circle will end with a guided meditation, using Reiki and visualizations, to calm the nervous system and to rest. This is a closed circle, with a maximum of 15 in the group.

Monthly membership of $20 is set up and paid through subscription here through PayPal. This subscription will automatically withdraw $20/month. Other payment options are through Venmo @Tekla-Ayers or Zelle [email protected] When paying through Venmo or Zelle, please pre-pay for 3 or 6 months for a discount. The following pricing for Venmo or Zelle: $20/month, $55 for 3 months, or $100 for 6 months.

If you are interested in trying this circle, please contact me for the Zoom link to register. First 2 circles are free to try it out.