Daily meditation is crucial to mental and physical wellness, and I encourage everyone to find a daily practice. After learning Reiki, it is important to continue practicing Reiki on yourself. Bringing Reiki to any daily meditation practice is a great way to practice Reiki, but not everyone always does it…. not everyone always practices daily meditation either! That is why we, Circling Together, led by Gretchen Pangilinan and myself, offers a 30 minute guided meditation with Reiki healing, every Wednesday from 4:30-5pm MT on zoom, for the monthly membership fee of just $12. Click the Subscribe button below to set up payments for the monthly subscription, then click here to register and receive the zoom link for meditations. Thanks for following these 2 steps to join! We start the zoom call at 4:30pm MT, do a very brief check-in (who you are and where you are) before we guide you in a grounding meditation, followed by a guided meditation, bringing awareness to your energetic and physical body, guiding you through Reiki hand positions. You do not have to know Reiki to join this circle. You will receive Reiki from the circle. The guided meditation is without background music and you will be muted during, so have your own music ready if you like to listen to music while you meditate. A great way to check in mid-week and pause for 30 minutes in community, with meditation and Reiki. Subscription will be set up monthly and you can cancel anytime after the first month.