Circling Together: Using Spiral to Heal Self, Community and Earth is created and facilitated by Gretchen Pangilinan and Tekla Ayers, and is a healing community, using circle and ceremony, following the Celtic Wheel of the Year, which honor the cycles of the Earth. We use the tool of Usui Reiki to build community and connect to Life Force Energy. The sacred, age old symbol of the Spiral is a bridge between these two traditions. During ceremony and circling together, we will explore the spiral symbol, the Celtic traditions, and the Hands on Healing practice of Usui Reiki. Melding these together in an easy, succinct, natural way to bring powerful healing to Ourselves, those who surround us and Mother Earth, in our EVERYDAY lives. We are sensing a craving all around for rooting and connecting, for sharing, celebrating and healing, in community. We are living in a time where people are expressing more and more disconnection even though we have everything we need in the palm of our handheld smartphone. Health and wellness come from being IN community – I-llness versus WE-llness – this is where Circling Together steps in!


Our original vision and intention for Circling Together was to be gathering IN person, but as life shows up unpredictably sometimes, and with the uncertainty of the pandemic, we’ve decided to postpone the year until we can meet in person for every weekend of celebration, growth, and healing.

Circling Together year-long ceremony (dates TBA when we can be together in person) will begin with Samhain, the Celtic New Year (October 30-November 1), & Reiki 1 Weekend and end with a weekend retreat over the weekend of the Autumn Equinox, while learning Karuna Reiki. We will close with a final Reiki Share in October. We will traverse eight weekends celebrating Mother Earth in the Celtic tradition, learning how to bring this fully into our lives. Within five of these celebratory weekends, you will receive Reiki Attunements as a way to bring healing into your life as well as the world around you. We will also meet monthly with the full moon for 10 Reiki Shares, as a way to practice, master, and share this hands on healing technique and be IN community and celebration. This is an immersive year of deep healing and growth, while connecting to Reiki, your own intuition and your connection to the cycles of the earth. The same participants will circle together throughout the year, please contact us if this interests you.

Why the Spiral?
The Spiral is probably the oldest known symbol of human spirituality. It has been in rock carvings for thousands of years old, on every continent in the world. The spiral is found on ancient tombs, and almost certainly has a celestial connection. The double spiral found in neolithic Celtic stone art also follows the path of the sun, describing the movements of the heavenly body over the course of a solar year. In Circling Together, we too will witness one another over the course of a solar year. The Spiral connects us together across time.