Join me for Yoga + Reiki

Fun photo by Melissa Rich Photography Be Brave- join me for Yoga + Reiki

Soul Tree South- 2nd Saturday of the Month @ 10am-
Yoga + Reiki with Dawn + Tekla

In February 2012, when my daughter was 6 months old, my friend Kristin (also a new mom who I met in prenatal yoga) and I were asked by our prenatal yoga teacher, Ann, if we wanted to take over teaching her incredible prenatal yoga class/community. I had always wanted to teach yoga and had looked into different YTT. Ann was quickly moving out of state but had created this popular and fabulous community. Ann trained us, we took over, then we both did another prenatal yoga teacher training that early spring with Heather Brown (who we both practiced prenatal with as well). This was the opportunity that I took that started my path into being a MOMpreneur… which was slow to grow when my daughter was young, but it quickly grew into doula and postpartum doula work.

In September 2013, after my daughter just turned 2, I decided to finally dive into a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). This yoga teacher training attracted me because one of my favorite yoga teachers I had been practicing with for years was teaching the yoga part, AND, the 9-month training included Reiki Training, all the way through Reiki Master Training, with a woman named Bonnie Tarantino who is now a great friend and mentor. I had been receiving acupuncture for almost 4 years and knew the power of energy work and wanted to learn an energy healing modality. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with Reiki!

Yoga and doula work is what brought me to Colorado. I came here to be a yoga teacher, childbirth educator and doula. Which is what I did for the first 3 years living in Colorado, focusing on postpartum doula work, and supporting new moms, while slowly doing more and more Reiki. I loved teaching prenatal and postpartum yoga during those first few years in Colorado.

I loved bringing Reiki to my students while I taught yoga, and I dreamed of collaborating with a yoga teacher – so that I could focus on sharing Reiki while the yoga teacher taught yoga. I was attracted to Dawn Thie’s, yoga class because in her bio it mentioned Reiki 2. The first time I attended her class I loved her style. Jump ahead about 6 months, and in November 2019 we led our first retreat together. Join us the second Saturday of every month as we join forces- she teaches an amazing Yoga Flow while I hold the space with Reiki and move around the room to the students, sharing Reiki as they are in stillness. It is a magical practice, at Soul Tree South studio at 10am, 2nd Saturday of the month. Join us for an incredible flow, full of Reiki Love!